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Perfeito para uma variedade de aplicações verticais.

With the high speed printer integrated as standard on all models, the magnetic card reader (M54E/M55E models) and the CMOS Imager (M55E model), it is finally possible to eliminate the need to carry separate devices such as portable printers, magnetic card readers and scanners.This not only lowers the cost of the overall solution, but also increases productivity and reliability. The IT-3100 series is ideal for issuing tickets, mobile sales, queue busting and for any application where a receipt or label may be required.

Erro humano reduzido e melhor eficiência.

In addition to genuine ease of use and mobility, the IT-3100 series has been designed to be an all-round solution for vertical applications in all weather conditions, day or night. Meter reading, parking meter control, traffic violation control and many field service or maintenance operations will particularly benefit from the use of such a versatile device since it can significantly reduce human error and improve efficiency in these vertical applications.

Vasta selecção de interfaces industriais standard

A memory card slot (SDHC) and a PC card slot (TYPE I/II), integrated Bluetooth® and IrDA come as standard. Data stored in the terminal can be backed up to the SDHC memory card.Wireless LAN or UMTS is possible using a optional Wireless LAN or UMTS card installed in the PC card slot.The integrated Bluetooth® module enables wireless communication with a wide range of peripherals such as cellular phones or Bluetooth® Access-Points.In addition to these industry standard interfaces, an 8-pin serial port (not available on M55E models) and 14-pin serial interface are also available for connection with external devices such as smart card readers.

Impressora Térmica Built-in

The built-in thermal printer uses a simple one-step paper-loading method. All that is required is to place a paper roll inside the paper roll holder, pull out some paper and then close the cover. This simple method saves time and ensures that the paper is always loaded correctly even when performed in the field. An elastic rubber hand strap is included with the terminal.This hand strap is secured on the back of the terminal and enables users to hold it comfortably, eliminating the need to grip too firmly. This guards against dropping and excessive fatigue during prolonged use.

Microsoft Windows® CE 5.0

The IT-3100 uses Windows® CE 5.0 as its operating system allowing you to connect information, people, systems and devices together. IT-3100 offers extensive support for wireless communications via Bluetooth®, Wireless LAN and GPRS/UMTS. The Microsoft Compact Framework is fully supported and applications can be developed using eVC++ 4.0 or Microsoft Visual Studio.

Built to withstand rough handling and severe environments

The IT-3100 has been designed and built for rugged reliability. The terminal, including the printer and paper roll holder (with the splash protector), complies with the IP54 rating (the International Standard IEC529) for dust and water-splash protection. It can withstand drops from a height of 1.2 meters to concrete and can operate in temperatures between –20°C and +50°C. The IT-3100’s rugged construction enables it to survive rough handling and give trouble free use over prolonged periods in very tough environments.

Superb visibility on screen as well as on keyboard

The IT-3100 features an advanced 2-way TFT color LCD screen (240 x 320 dots) with improved visibility during outdoor use. Unlike conventional transparent LCDs, the IT-3100’s screen uses CASIO’s proprietary optical film to effectively reflect incoming light that is normally dispersed. The screen display has vivid clarity in both indoor and outdoor environments. The IT-3100 also features a large backlit keyboard. This is automatically controlled by a brightness sensor for optimum visibility irrespective of the lighting conditions.

Casio IT 3100

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